Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whimsical Fabric Created on Project Runway

I gotta give props to one of my guilty pleasures - Project Runway. Last year I highlighted a vampire steampunk number created by Christopher Straub.

Now, at the tail-end of season 7, I've come across an outfit that wow-ed me that I just have to share. It was not the winning piece but made it to the judges' top 3.

The challenge was to create a design which would be made into fabric. Then, using the fabric make a signature piece.

The image above is the fabric design used for the outfit below. Seth mentioned something about it being punk rock meets London. I love it. You can see a face with big blue eyes, lips and blonde hair. If they sold the fabric, I definitely would buy it and make a tote bag for my book shopping sprees.

Hey, That’s My Fabric
Season 7, Episode 10
Seth Aaron's Design
Modeled by Valeria

Have you been watching the show this season?

If so, which outfit has wow-ed you?


* image source from Project Runway

Imagination Designs
Images from: Lovelytocu