Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whimsical Fabric Created on Project Runway

I gotta give props to one of my guilty pleasures - Project Runway. Last year I highlighted a vampire steampunk number created by Christopher Straub.

Now, at the tail-end of season 7, I've come across an outfit that wow-ed me that I just have to share. It was not the winning piece but made it to the judges' top 3.

The challenge was to create a design which would be made into fabric. Then, using the fabric make a signature piece.

The image above is the fabric design used for the outfit below. Seth mentioned something about it being punk rock meets London. I love it. You can see a face with big blue eyes, lips and blonde hair. If they sold the fabric, I definitely would buy it and make a tote bag for my book shopping sprees.

Hey, That’s My Fabric
Season 7, Episode 10
Seth Aaron's Design
Modeled by Valeria

Have you been watching the show this season?

If so, which outfit has wow-ed you?


* image source from Project Runway


  1. I've mostly missed this season, but that is awesome!

  2. I love most of Seth Aaron's stuff. But I like Mila too. Is that how you spell it? :-S

  3. I love the show too. I really liked this outfit, even though I wasn't a big fan of the fabric, he did a good job with it.

    I actually thought the fabric Koors refered to as "a dirty table cloth" was the beautiful.

    The ESOSA one was so stupid (and been done many times in fashion) but I have to say, the dress he made was pretty amazing.

  4. misty - the first two seasons were the best. since i've been watching dvr'd episodes, i've been doing a lot of fast forwarding to get to the runway presentations.

    freda - i like mila's earlier stuff but the last couple outfits were meh.

    brian - i liked jonathan's fabric design too. but for the challenge it was so pale compared to the other designers' vibrant colors. i think it doesn't come off on the camera too well either. did not like the straight jacket piece. the dress alone was beautiful.

  5. Seth Aaron is my favorite designer since the beginning. I really hope he wins this season. I liked Maya's fabric as well from that episode.

  6. I've only caught a couple episodes, but that fabric is amazing!

  7. adriana - i think seth is my fave too. i miss maya. she was doing so well.

    midnight cowgirl - only 4 more episodes to go. next week's episode will decide who goes to fashion week if you want to check it out.

  8. I've never seen the show but luv that fabric - and since I've been thinking about making my own 'green tote' bag for small shopping trips, wouldn't it be fun to have one made out of zombie or steampunk fabric lol

  9. mary ann - i've seen steampunk fabric. but will have to see if there are zombie ones. if so, i'll post it.

  10. I love Seth Aaron! With Maya gone, I really hope he wins.


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