Monday, April 19, 2010

Steampunk Weekly - 4.19.10

Coming Drusilla. Prof McGregor gently set the goggles down atop her desk.

And Eva, you have guests. Two unknowns and one from the Society.

Thanks Dru. I'm on my way. Oh, did cook brew up the latest chinese blends? Prof McGregor wondered who the unknowns were. They could either be customers enquiring about her latest gizmos or possibly new Society members.

Yes, and they look delightful!

Prof McGregor smiled and walked in anticipation into the drawing room. Three ladies seated about the room silently exploring Mother's overly decorated room with eyes discreetly looking here and thereabouts.

Hmmm, they must be all new to each other as well.

Welcome, ladies. I was not expecting such an assemblage for afternoon tea. I am Professor Eva McGregor at your service.

Hello, I am Freda said the woman with a book in hand.

I am Mary Ann said the woman wearing an interesting brooch.

And, I am Amanda Leigh from the Society said the woman holding an official-looking envelope.

Before we begin, I hope you don't mind the selection of tea we will partake of today. I received this special package of flowering tea from China that I am most anxious to try.

Prof McGregor shows the ladies a package of colorful tea buds. Everyone admires the colors, textures and smells of the buds. However, the unfurling of the tea buds in the hot water is what amazes all.
As the tea party commences, Jane and Jade are approaching in the Tiny Bubble. They are within an hour's landing time.

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HEADS UP! SteamPink week is coming, June 4-12, 2010 (details revealed in May).

SteamPink (my definition) = female heroine stories with romance, adventure or mystery in a steampunk world

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* image source flowering tea

* image source steampunk romance couple

* part of Jane and Jade Escapades, my steampunk story in which commenters may have guest appearances.

* my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

* totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia


  1. Good morning Professor Eva, Freda and Amanda. The flowering tea sounds most delightful!

    And I DO so hope Jane and Jade have a pleasant trip in - Tiny Bubbles being what they are these days. (Mary Ann unobtrusively searches thru her reticule for a lozenge, longing for a cigarette which would be MOST inappropriate under the circumstances... Oh Goodness Me!! It would seem Legs, Mary's pet mechanical spider, has hitched a ride inside the reticule - Legs does have such a weakness for cherry lozenges. Let us hope he shall behave himself within the bowels of whatever ELSE mignt reside within Mary's reticule).

    Mary Ann fingers the beautiful brooch gleaming at her decolletage and wonder's if she's over dressed?

  2. Hello Everyone!!

    Freda here, and I'm still waiting for tea. I think the Professor got side-tracked.

    Until, next time, good day to you all.


  3. Hello to you all too. Lovely to see you. Thank you for the tea. *continues glancing around taking everything in when no one is looking*


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