Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving On

Kalix has made her choice. She does not wish to join. She has enough to deal with as it is.

The 5th sister is still out there.

We've received word while we were in the city. While in a coffee shop, Laila spoke with a Lone Wolf who told us about this...

Per this post Bacigalupo by Signora Neroni there could be werewolf activities here:

Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
(Pat, Prue & Rebecca)

May 1, 2010
8pm - 10pm

more details and invite


We must go to Venice to see if our 5th sister is among the Others.

However, we must travel to Venice of the 1800s.

Time travel?

Yes, we Weres, are special.

Come back tomorrow for some Venice sights and sounds.

And then return, May 1 to see what transpires at the Masked Ball.


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* part of Werewolf Weekend (see schedule)

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