Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Masked Ball: Johnny o'Mallet

Johnny looked at his hand and knew it was time to fold. He threw his cards disgustedly onto the table as he rose from the table.

Signore. A signore de Spades requests your audience.

de Spades? Johnny looked at the concierge with a curious eye.

Si, signore.

It has been a year since Johnny has seen that rascal. He bloody well better have the ___.

Very well. Show him to the billiard room. I shall be there shortly.

Si signore.

Johnny cashed in his chips and made his way past the smoking lounge and the dining hall to the other side of the club. Several men greeted him as he passed. Female servants batted their eyelashes and were in awe of his suave and debonair persona. He opened the double doors to the billiard room.

de Spades! Do you have it?

Johnny, Johnny-oh, whatever happened to your manners?

Juan, you know bloody well what manners of any sort mean to me. Tell me, or I'll have your head you spanish mongrel.

Juan smiled wickedly and tossed the jewel across the billiard table.

Johnny caught his precious in one hand. He marveled at the sparkles in the light before pocketing it.

You. Are an exceptional man.

Si, seƱor.

How about a game?

Si. Juan reached for a cue stick, as Johnny removed the rack.

How long is Rosa Roja in port?

It is not. I left when we were in swimming distance.

I see. Finally decided to leave the good life.

Juan walked to the other side of the table for another view of his next shot.

The sea life and creatures were getting to me.

Well, you're just in time for...
Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
Saturday, May 1, 2010
Invitation ~ Programme

There will be cards...

Si, but I hear Lady Luck has not been on your side these days.

Aye, mayhaps I should seek a change of scenery as well. In any case, there will be jewels...

Johnny, I do not want that life any more. I wish to explore America.

Very well. There will be ladies, lots of ladies...

I should like to meet some ladies. I should acquire mucho kisses before my journey, si?

As you wish, but you must DO something about your hair.

Not yet, I shall keep it for the Ball. It is a masquerade, no? The hair will go well with sea pirate attire, si?

Johnny laughed heartily. Yes, that will work. The ladies love the wild adventurous look.


Irish historical:
Eye of the Law
by Cora Harrison
Release date: June 1, 2010

* image source mask

* image source of clubs card

* part of Masked Ball - read my side stories


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