Friday, April 30, 2010

Masked Ball: Emmalina

Lady Vee and Faustina are seated in the garden patio of Emmalina Knightley. Baroness Lammerts van Hartz is due to arrive shortly.


Dear Emmalina. I wonder if you might be able to help us. We have seemed to have misplaced our programme for the Masked Ball. Lady Vee delicately fans herself.

Yes, I might have dropped it during our latest shopping excursion. There were just so many bags to carry. Faustina reaches to put a sugar lump into her tea.

Absolutely. I actually have some extra. I was visited earlier in the week by none other than Lucia from the Charmed Circle. She delivered extra programmes for me. Knowing that I would have many guests this week, she knew I would be able to spread the word. She wanted to make sure everyone attending would have a copy for there will be much to do that evening.

Do tell. Are you and Mr Knightley settled in from your journey from Donwell Abbey? Lady Vee asks with another flicker from her fan.

Quite. This is our third season here since we have purchased the villa.

Mi scusi, signora. Baroness Lammerts van Hartz.

The Baroness was greeted with a warm reception from the garden party. Chatter about the Masked Ball took place immediately with much excitement. Gossip and news passed back and forth amongst the cheerful quartet in rapid lady-like fashion.

And, finally, the Baroness could not contain herself. She spoke of the accomplishments and wonders of her son, Jonathan.

Faustina was overwhelmed with all the praise for Jonathan spouting from the Baroness and Emmalina. He seemed the most ideal candidate for a husband with an ideal mind and physique. But what of his spirit she wondered.

She will find out tomorrow night. The Baroness has already reserved the first dance on her dance card with Jonathan's name.


Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
Saturday, May 1, 2010
Invitation ~ Programme


Italian historical:

The Botticelli Secret
by Marina Fiorato
Release date: March 2010


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