Sunday, April 4, 2010

Project Peepway

Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat

By Charity Ferreira
Photographs by Liz Wolfe

Description from publisher's site:
Peeps®! -- For Peeps sake! They're cute. They're tasty. And for the first time ever, PEEPS—the No. 1 selling non-chocolate Easter candy—take center stage in fun crafts and sweet treats for the entire family. Both seasonal savorers and devoted PEEPS fans (who have created over 200 dedicated fan Web sites) will delight in these 24 projects, surprisingly suited for any time of the year.

Frosty Peepsicles refresh on a hot summer day; the Peeps Holiday Wreath brightens up a winter doorway; and the Peepi├▒ata enlivens any fiesta. Cheerful, mouthwatering photographs inspire while simple step-by-step instructions explain the how-to. Games, decorations, and desserts never looked so adorably edible!


While I'm not a fan of eating Peeps, the creativity that comes out with using Peeps for art or explosions in the microwave for sport amuse me.

Had to share this video that was created as a book trailer of sorts for the Peeps book:

I agree with who was selected as the winner of the challenge.

Feathers really add to an ensemble ;-D


  1. I agree. I was definitely rooting for the feather one. Though I actually really liked the fatigues and pink tulle.

  2. It tickles me how Peeps have become such an icon! And while I'm not much of a consumer of them, I love seeing the fun & creative uses so many folks have come up with.

    Hehe - wouldn't you just LOVE to see what monkeys/apes in the wild would do with a case worth of Peeps? Maybe National Geographic should look into that?! LOL

  3. oh j.t. - it's the survival instincts, eh, fatigues

    mary ann - oh no no no, that would be so wrong to expose the chimps to cheeps (i mean peeps) ;-D

  4. How 'bout a yellow Peep shaped like a banana?

    Okay, so we go out to the local hardware store today, and I was telling my friend Amber about the Project Peepway. She's huge on Peeps and says she's been microwaving them for years now lol

    So the upshot was that all of us decided wherever the next Time Capsule gets planted, someone needs to toss in a box of Peeps (those things like never go bad hehe)

  5. Peeps are such a funny item.
    This video was hilarious.
    Thanks for sharing.


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