Monday, April 5, 2010

Steampunk Weekly - 4.5.10

Clockworks and Corsets
by Regina Riley

Just released: March 2010

Description from the amazon:
Clockwork, steam and secrets power a passionate adventure in the skies. Everybody's looking for something. Captain Rose Madigan of the airship The Merry Widow is looking for a paying job for her all-female crew. Gabriella Upstairs, her newest recruit, is looking for a reason to be glad she's on board. And Madam Ruby of the Red House Bordello is looking for the secret laboratory of a missing mad scientist--and is willing to hire the airship. When they find the lab and its single occupant, Atom Loquacious, danger and passion start steaming up. Everybody's got a secret. Captain Rose is secretly too ethical to complete this job. Gabriella's secretly attracted to Atom. Madam Ruby's secretly hungry for power. And the secret Atom is hiding might just threaten the lives of everyone on board.

Adding this onto my SteamPink week line-up, June 4-12, 2010 (details revealed in May).


Spotted this this latest trailer of Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec directed by Luc Besson with English subtitles at SciFi Guy. It is jam-packed with more action and we, English-speakers, can understand a bit more of what is going on.

Death is the only path that leads to birth.
-so says Adele

a newly hatched pterodactyl
a French-speaking mummy
a matrix flying bullet
a super cool Adele
a dash of steampunk
a definite must-see film!

released in Belgium: April 2010
boo-hoo, wonder why there is no release date for the US ???

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