Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Somewhere in a distant countryside,

nestled in an oasis of pearly enchantement,

lies a milky, magical land.

Where hair mysteriously grows like finely woven silk.

And muscle rebuilding borders on the miraculous.

Where teeth and nails are mistaken for pearls.

And dreams are played without intermission.

And perfect paradise,

some may say.

Or is it?

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Fairy Tale book to watch out for:

The Healer’s Apprentice
Fairy Tales Do Come True
A Historical Romance
by Melanie Dickerson

Release date: October 2010

Blurb from author:
The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale comes to life when a betrothed prince falls for a healer's apprentice whose life is in danger from an evil conjurer bent on revenge.

This book will be featured with giveaway offer during my Fairy Tale week, August 23-29, 2010.


* found the Mootopia bit of fun from my latest Daily Candy email

* fyi: there is a Mootopia facebook game going on thru April 12

i don't think i'll play but i loved looking at the site. the mix of milk and fairy tale is a fun one.

and yes, i got milk in the fridge ;-D

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