Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Masked Ball: Juan de Spades

Juan jumped overboard. He plunged into the depths of the Adriatic Sea to rise up again to the surface.

He swam towards Veniche. Port of heaven or hell? In any case, Juan's days on Rosa Roja were done.

He wanted no more dealings or doings with sea travel.

He should be fine. His pouch of jewels and coins should serve him well for awhile.

Hmmm. Yes, hopefully long enough to find other means of income or perhaps a ticket to the New World.

Juan swam ashore. He was wet. He looked wild. But he felt exhilarated. He gathered his hair in hand to squeeze away the wetness and the past.

Andale! He must seek Johnny at the nearest whist club.


Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
Saturday, May 1, 2010
Invitation ~ Programme


Spanish historical:
The Creation of Eve
by Lynn Cullen
Release date: March 23, 2010


* image source of mask

* image source of spades card

* part of Masked Ball - read my side stories



  1. I'd play Whist with Juan (hmmm ... can't say THAT one three times in a row lol)

  2. I wonder if his make-up stays on while he is wet???

  3. Has he got the necessaries to cope with Bacigalupo, Sir Percy, Ser Niccolo and Hugh?


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