Sunday, April 25, 2010


Two of us will go to meet Kalix.

Before we go, our bodies transform.

What was once fur is now smooth skin.

Living in Wereland and partaking of its magical vegetation has enabled Weres to control their shifting.

We can change at will and are not drawn by any patterns or moon cycles like most of our sister werewolves.


Werewolf Common Sense 12
One theory postulates that the lycanthropy affliction originates from the unforgiving Arctic terrain. Legends pertaining to the “Lady of the North” describe the mother white wolf whose howl calls down a blinding tempest of snow and ice. The male werewolf's curious infatuation with ladies of flaxen hair and stormy eyes suggests a certain truth to this myth. Fair daughters beware.
-L.H. Parker of Travails of a Budding Author


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