Sunday, April 17, 2011

Town Crier: Fairy Tale Fortnight

The town crier rings his bell and walks through the streets today with a special announcement...

Hear Ye
Hear Ye
Come Ye
One And All

Fairy Tale Fortnight
April 17-30
at Book Rat

begins today!

authors will be there
to tell tales to delight

fairy tales of old
fairy tales of new

fairy tales in books
fairy tales in film

giveaways will be made
(including one from me-vvb)


Fairy Tale Fortnight schedule

Today's giveaway: Anahita's Woven Riddle by Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Pre-festivities include:

Game: Fairy Tale Fortnight Fill-in

Challenge: Once Upon a Time

Video project: Fairy Tale Fortnight

Crazy Jack by Donna Jo Napoli
The Great God Pan by Donna Jo Napoli
- ends April 18

***~*~* Fairy Tales in Bruges (the sequel) schedule *~*~***

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