Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knight: Saddlebags

Dear guests,

You have met the knights of Camelot and now ride with your chosen hero to Castle Bryggja.

HOWEVER, I wonder which saddlebag held an ebook that caught your fancy?

Merlin - Child of the Northern Spring by Persia Woolley

Prince Arthur - Kingmaking by Helen Hollick

Knight: Sir Gwaine - Hawk of May by Gillian Bradshaw

Knight: Sir Lancelot - The Story of Sir Lancelot And His Companions by Howard Pyle

Knight: Sir Percival - Percival's Angel by Anne Crompton

Knight: Sir Elyan - Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry edited by William Patten

Knight: Sir Leon - King Arthur's Knights: The Tales Re-Told for Boys and Girls by Henry Gilbert

Pray, tell me in comments before the event's end, along with your email (if I don't already have it).

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  1. When I can tear my attention away from drooling over Lancelot Merlin's bag with Child of the Northern Spring, and Percival's bag with Percival's Angel definitly draw my attention.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love "Merlin"!! That show is so good!! Love all the knights!

    I don't have an ereader so I wouldn't be able to win any of these :) They all look good!!

  3. I would want Merlin or King Arthur.Thought would be cool to know about them. =)

  4. I am still snuggling close to Percival, of course it's to get what's in the saddlebags.

  5. "Percival's Angel" kind of caught my attention :)


  6. Percival's Angel sounds awesome! :)


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