Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Giveaway: Trouble with Spells

My body is in the mood for a paranormal YA romance.

How about yours???

Trouble With Spells
by Lacey Weatherford


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Lacey Answers Readers Questions


  1. I love these little videos that you are making Lacey =)

    I think I would be more shocked if Vance wasn't ALL our favourite character LOL

    I love italian food..well pasta and pizza oh and some of thie breads LOL! Okay, italian food in general then!

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm xoxo

  2. Indeed, how can we NOT love Vance?
    I think it's great that your husband helps you like this, cooking and all. :)
    Thanks for another great vlog!

  3. Like I said, I look forward to coming to the blogs everyday, I loved the video, I love Vance and my two favorite foods are Italian and Mexican. I know both are really not good for me:)

    Great post today!!!!


  4. It drives me nuts that my computer won't play these interviews with you because I miss you! Never fear - my new modem just got delivered so hopefully it'll make a difference.

    Can I add - I HEART Vance!!

  5. Loved the post!! I adore Olive Garden. I just went last week to have their chicken special. Garlic and spinach sauce with stuffed cheesy puff pastries. YUM!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  6. @Naomi I think we need to have a pizza party with the Vance Gang someday! How fun would that be?? :D

    @Karla Thanks! I have to say, my husband is "Da Bomb!" LOL I don't know what I ever did to deserve him but I thank my lucky stars for him everyday because he is AMAZING! :D

    @Judy Thanks so much! Italian and Mexican foods are my favorites as well, much to the dismay of my hips I might add!! haha

    @Belinda Aw! I hope your new modem works too, but never fear...not being able to watch the video will save your eyes from future scarring! LOL (I miss you too!)

    @Vivien LOL! I should probably take out stock in Olive Garden for as much as we've eaten there! Now I'm really hungry! haha

  7. Can i come to the pizza party too :) ? I love love Italian too , Lasagna is my fave - I love Italian Ice Cream too its so delicious.

  8. @BLHmistress SURE! I always say the more the merrier! Haha And the ice cream sounds delish! I think I'm getting fatter just thinking about it! LOL

  9. Oohh! Chicken fettucine Alfredo is yummy! Never tried making it at home though. I smell a challenge. I love getting the fettucine supremo at Buca di Beppo. If it is a heart attack on a plate, at least we'll die eatting something wonderful.

  10. Of course James is a great cook he is part All the Boring's know how to cook..hahaha

  11. @Valerie That's right Val...nothing like dying happy! haha I love it!

    @Lena Hey girl! Yep that's the truth! I haven't met a Boring that couldn't cook yet! LOL

  12. My hubby does all the cooking, I don't like to cook ;) x

  13. Love italian food too! And Vance!
    natatheangel at yahoo dot com

  14. After watching this vlog I am so hungry, but it's to late order in, hmmm maybe I'll try my hand at cooking. If anyone watching the news sees a story about a house fire caused by the owner cooking, just remember you know nothing :)

  15. I agree the vids are awesome, Plus, it gives us more insight on who you are :) Not many authors would do as you do. Thank you


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