Monday, April 18, 2011

Castle: Tapestry

The bell has rung and the feasting has begun.

We gather ourselves and make our way to the dining hall.

Our dropped handkerchief lands upon the floor.

Just there, next to the tapestry.

When we bend down to pick it up, we notice a teeny tiny door behind the tapestry.

We get down to open it and look through its archway.

Inside is a little studio of miniature proportions.

Upon a desk across the way sits this globe...

Would you like one for your desk?

--~ Mini-Steampunk Globe Giveaway courtesy of Bo Press ~--

Open to all.

Go on a teeny tiny adventure and win the mini-globe above from Bo Press.

Offer ends: May 22, 2011


Visit Bo Press and pick out one item you like from each of these selections:


Poetry and Song


and tell me (total of three items) in comments along with your email address.


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