Monday, April 18, 2011

Castle: Court Yard


We have entered the castle court yard.

It is early yet.

So early, that the hustle and bustle of final preparations for tonight's feast are not yet underway.

You may roam the gardens or explore the castle today.

An adventure can be had, for who knows what you shall encounter.

Alas, the knights bid their adieus with a parting kiss to thy hand.

They must ride back to Camelot at once as Morgana and Morgause are up to their evil antics.

But first, you want to give your knight a token of your appreciation for their accompaniment during the journey to Castle Bryggja.

What do you give? and who was the knight you rode with?


* image source court yard

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  1. I take a beautiful green scarf that I bought at the town and tie it to pommel of Lancelot's saddle.

  2. I give Percival one of the fresh loaves I bought in the bakery. Now I'm off to the gardens.

  3. I gave Arthur a special dagger.

  4. I remove a small silver talisman from around my throat and hold it out towards Sir Gawain, I wrap his fingers around the small charm and explain that it is a Rad Rune pendant, worn for protection on journeys.


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