Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fairy Tales in Bruges (the sequel): Young Knights from Camelot

In a land far far away

in a time ages and ages ago

we travel to Castle Bryggja

in Bruges

Queen Maerie and her King Markus have invited us to dine at their beautiful castle this weekend.

Some of you may be leery to travel to Bruges.

Mayhaps last year's infestation of zombies cause for pause.

You can put your mind at ease.

The Queen has arranged safe passage with King Uther of Camelot.

The newly inducted knights of Camelot will be in service for the weekend's festivities. Young Merlin will accompany the group as well.


Guinevere sends her regrets as she could not make the journey. The Lady Morgana required her services.

but ho, take a look inside Merlin's saddlebag...

Child of the Northern Spring
by Persia Woolley
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The story of a queen who deserves to become a legend - a startlingly original tale of Arthur & Guinevere

Often portrayed as spoiled, in Persia Woolley's hands Guinevere comes alive as a high-spirited, passionate woman. When she is chosen by Arthur to be his wife, Guinevere's independence wars with her family loyalty. As the wedding approaches and hints of rebellion abound, she learns that the old gods are in revolt against the new Christian church, and that scattered kingdoms are stirring from their uneasy peace. This is Arthurian epic at its best, filled with romance, adventure, authentic historical detail, and a landscape alive with the mystery of Britain in the Dark Ages.


* Camelot guests based on characters from Merlin (TV series)
photo layout:
Sir Elyan played by Adetomiwa Edu
Sir Gwaine played by Eoin Macken
Merlin played by Colin Morgan
Prince Arthur played by Bradley James
Sir Lancelot played by Santiago Cabrera
Sir Leon played by Rupert Young
Sir Percival played by Tom Hopper


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