Friday, April 22, 2011

Janice M. Van Dyck author of Finding Frances

Today, please welcome Janice M. Van Dyck, author of Finding Frances, who joins in the conversation on her giveaway post.

Freda said:
I'd like to know if "Frances" was someone close to the author?

Debbie said:
I would like to know was it difficult to do research for the book?

AimeeKay said:
In researching the book, since it is based on actual events, did the author have a hard time working/interviewing people that were involved with Frances? or were they eager to share their side of events?

Aleetha said:
I wonder for any literatures that influence your writing style?

JANICE replied:

After my mother died I was left with one primary question:

Why was she so comfortable with dying and
why was I so afraid?

I turned to books for the answers, studying the history of death and dying in different cultures, religions and time periods.

I found a lot of non-fiction on the topic, and the internet was a great source.

There weren't many fictional accounts of the actual dying process, but I read what I could find.

I concluded that we're so afraid of death because we don't understand dying the way previous generations and cultures have come to terms with it, and our Western culture keeps us focused on being happy instead of fully experiencing the life process.

Once I started talking to people about the story I was writing, I discovered that a lot of people have a lot to say about dying, they just don't know who to talk to.

I hope the book makes it safe to think and talk about this important subject.

In the end, the book's about how we live.

Read more about the book and Janice.

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