Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Wedding

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding
by Fiona Goble

Could not let the day go by without mentioning this fairy tale wedding!


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So cute!
You can get the a free corgi pattern here.
special request: if you make one,
can you please make one for me too ???



* nope, didn't quit my job to see the wedding, but set the dvr up for a weekend marathon viewing ;-D

* speaking of Fairy Tales make sure to check out all the awesome goodies at the Fairy Tale Fortnight event

* first spotted this at The Fashion Planner

* dontcha just love today's google logo (above) - The Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton


  1. I watched the whole thing twice! hehehe Can't get enough of it.
    Natalie ;0)

  2. I sooo wanted to watch it! But couldn't talk myself into waking up! Does anyone know a link on the internet where I could possibly see it?

  3. I didn't get to watch it, but I'm sure I can catch it online or on TV somewhere.

  4. I'm just now learning to knit, if I can figure it out then I'll make you one :)

  5. super cute! Yes I was up to go to the bathroom at 6am and thought about trying to see the balcony moment and then thought, nope! Back to bed!
    You have to love the internet though, so easy to catch up after the fact!
    I did a little odd tribute myself, if you need a royal giggle stop by:

  6. I wonder if they have shih tzu patterns like the corgi?
    Cute trinkets.

  7. If knew how to knit I so would make one, but I only know how to do the simple croquet stitch


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