Friday, April 29, 2011

Camille by Tess Oliver

by Tess Oliver

Published: 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Romance, Werewolves, YA
Paperback: 250 pages
Rating: 5

Description from the amazon:
At a time when society conforms to the strictest rules and most proper etiquette, sixteen-year-old Camille Kennecott and her guardian, Dr. Bennett, live a most unconventional life.

They hunt werewolves.

When unwitting victim, Nathaniel Strider, wanders into one of their full moon pursuits, Camille and Dr. Bennett believe they have found a specimen for their study.

Finding a scientific key to unlocking the mystery of lycanthropy would end their late night excursions. Yet beneath the irresistible exterior, Nathaniel is transforming into a flesh-tearing monster, and as each experiment fails, Camille loses another inch of her soul to him. In a month’s time, she must face the prospect of destroying the boy who has stolen her heart.

Amusing quote:
So I'm reading Austen again.

Perhaps I'll bring you enough paper to sculpt yourself a Mr. Darcy.

A paper man. How romantic. And when I tire of him, I can just crumple him into a huge ball.
- Camille speaking with her sister, Emily
- page 33, chapter 4

My two-bits:
Loved how the author colored this world. I liked the details of the streets of London and Dr. Bennett's marmalade room.

The characters, dialogue and interactions are just as colorful and fun despite the topic... werewolves.

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