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Knight: Sir Lancelot

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Sir Lancelot is an outsider to the kingdom. When his family is killed by bandits, he vowed to become a skilled swordsman to fight tyranny. His main aim is to become a Knight of Camelot and serve the King. However, because he is not the son of a nobleman, he cannot legally become one. After saving Merlin's life from a Griffin in "Lancelot", Merlin promises to help him achieve his goal. Merlin forges a seal of nobility and introduces Lancelot to Gwen, who helps make him clothes suitable for a son of a Lord, and to Arthur who accepts that he is the son of a nobleman and puts him to the test. He passes and is knighted. King Uther, however, knows his 'father' and uncovers the lie. Lancelot is arrested for using a forged seal of nobility, but later released – Arthur allowing him to depart as he admits that Lancelot fights like a knight despite lacking any of the other necessary 'qualifications'. After he saves Arthur's life, King Uther considers restoring Lancelot's knighthood but Lancelot cannot bring himself to lie any more and leaves Camelot. -per wikipedia

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The Story of Sir Lancelot And His Companions
by Howard Pyle
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* Camelot guests based on characters from Merlin (TV series); Sir Lancelot played by Santiago Cabrera

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