Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fairy Tales in Bruges (the sequel): Book List

Fairy Tales in bruges (the sequel)
a virtual book event
April 16-18, 2011

Complete list of books featured and mentioned:

A Hard Day's Knight
by Simon R. Green

Child of the Northern Spring
by Persia Woolley

Fairy Tale
by Cyn Balog

by Kristin Cashore

Hard Day's Knight
by John G. Hartness

Hawk of May
by Gillian Bradshaw

The Healer's Apprentice
by Melanie Dickerson

Heaven Sent
by Xavier Leret

Heaven's Needle
by Liane Merciel

Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry
edited by William Patten

King Arthur's Knights:
The Tales Re-Told for Boys and Girls
by Henry Gilbert

by Helen Hollick

Percival's Angel
by Anne Crompton

The Story of Sir Lancelot And His Companions
by Howard Pyle

The Stumpwork Robe
The Last Stitch (sequel)
by Prue Batten

The Unfinished Song:
Initiate (Book 1)
by Tara Maya

The Unfinished Song:
Taboo (Book 2)
by Tara Maya

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  1. My name is the Alais and I am of the woods. My mother was a carlin... a wise woman, a healer, what some would call a wortwyf and others might call a witch. My father was called Oberon and I am sure you know who he was. He has a vested interest in Arthur and his knights, in the Lady Morgana and in Morgause and those who live beyond the veil. I am of no interest to him and yet I think I possess powers... we shall see.
    If I am able to read all of these wonderful books that you hold in the library of Bryggia, then I shall consider myself not just blessed but able to tread more surely upon my road. I shall sneak into the castle and see what and who I can find!

  2. Some fantastic titles there! Can't wait!

  3. Awesome list! I already read Graceling and I LOVE it!


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