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Prince Arthur

Do you choose to ride with...

Arthur Pendragon is the Crown Prince of Camelot, prophesied to become "the once and future king who will unite the land of Albion". Merlin is his servant and friend. Merlin trusts Arthur so much that he almost told him his secret, and also would have given up his life to save Arthur. Arthur is often arrogant and headstrong but has a good heart, even helping the druid boy Mordred escape Camelot against his father's orders, and drinking what he thought was a deadly poison to save Merlin. Many people think that Arthur will be a good king. Arthur and Guinevere have mutual feelings for one another. -per wikipedia

in his side saddlebag...

by Helen Hollick
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Who was THE MAN
Who became THE LEGEND
We know as KING ARTHUR?

"You are the Pendragon, rightful Lord of Dumnonia and the Summer Land; Lord of less Britain. By all that is right, you ought be seated where Vortigern sits…You ought to be King."

Here lies the truth of the Lord of the Summer Land.

This is the tale of Arthur flesh and bone. Of the shaping of the man, both courageous and flawed, into the celebrated ruler who inspired armies, who captured Gwenhyfar's heart, and who emerged as the hero of the Dark Ages and the most enduring hero of all time.

This is the unexpected story of the making of a king — the legend who united all of Britain.


* Camelot guests based on characters from Merlin (TV series); Prince Arthur played by Bradley James

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