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Tears of a Vampire Prince by Christine Schulze

Tears of a Vampire Prince
The First Krystine
by Christine E. Schulze

Published: 2010
Publisher: Old Line Publishing, LLC
Genre: Fairies, Vampires
Paperback: 140 pages
Rating: 4

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This short but powerful novella chronicles the early life of Aaryn, who, in mourning after the recent death of his wife, Chrystine, reflects upon the girl whose name and healing nature made him fall in love with that wife at their first meeting—the other Krystine, his first love, a lovely, innocent, child-like Veela.

In remembering her, he recounts his early ventures—how he became the very first vampire; how he protected Krystine from the lusts of the Princes of Night and struggled to protect her from himself; how he was forcibly drug into a mission in search for the One who could overthrow the evil of the Enchantress who created him—and how all these tales and misadventures weave together to tell the story of a love so beautiful and yet sorrowful, brimming with both hope and hopelessness.

A tale of mystery, adventure, and passion, Aaryn's story echoes the unbreakable love and eternal bond between two immortals. Truly, this is the saddest vampire tale ever told.

The Amielian Legacy series:
Tears of a Vampire Prince: prequel
Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress: The Stregony Sequence Book 1

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): melancholy
This is a good start (prequel) to an interesting vampire fantasy series. For me, it is also an introduction of relations between vampires and the fae.

Background history, motives and foretellings are provided which provide curiosity for what is to come.

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