Sunday, August 28, 2011

In My Mailbox - 8.28.11

Free from Kindle: beware some free offers are limited

The Witch of Agnesi
(Bonnie Pinkwater series)
by Robert Spiller

Frost Moon
by Anthony Francis
-urban fantasy, shapeshifters

For Review and giveaway:

The Egyptian
by Layton Green
-adventure, suspense
courtesy of author
Thanks Layton!
stay tuned: giveaway for this on September 1

Free from Netgalley: got mine, get yours!

Blood Rights
by Kristen Painter
-urban fantasy, vampires

The Dragon and the Pearl
by Jeannie Lin
-historical romance

Defying Convention
by Abby Niles
-action, romance


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Bookie Brunch Question of the day:

What's the most important part of a book for you, characters or plot?


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  1. O The Dragon and the Pearl is a great cover.

  2. Frost Moon is no longer free.

    I like a good mix of both plot and characters. It has to be interesting on both accounts. If you have ridiculous characters, you don't care about the plot. If you have a stupid plot, the characters won't mesh... so it's a fine line of having a combination of both.

  3. I would so love to get Blood Rights but I am staying away from netgalley right now. Happy reading

  4. I got blood rights from NG too, soooo excited :D

  5. The Dragon and the Pearl looks good. I love the cover. Happy reading!

  6. Re: Bookie Brunch...both are meaningful but my books much have a stellar plot or fabu characters at a minimum. Certainly, I enjoy a plotless book if it's a great character study but I'm not sure I can enjoy a plot heavy book with thin characters.

  7. Per the Bookie Brunch Q:
    I have to be honest here and admit I'm a sucker for epic/awesome plots above all else. Especially the descriptions/detail ...
    I want to really be able to feel I am THERE.

    While characterization is important, generally I don't have much patience for lengthy, in-depth psychological analyzation, etc.

    A little of that can go a longgggggg way.


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