Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PeekAbook: Hunted by the Others

Hunted By The Others
by Jess Haines


AND, you can find out about the characters via their Twitter accounts.

Here are a few...

Shiarra - Follow her on Twitter!
The main character. Co-owns the PI firm H&W Investigations with her partner and best friend, Sara Halloway.

Chaz - Follow him on Twitter!
Shiarra's on-again/off-again boyfriend. He also happens to lead a local werewolf pack, the Sunstrikers.

Alec - Follow him on Twitter!
The scary/sexy vampire who gets Shia in some very hot water.

amusing twitter snippet:
Alec Royce Be careful what you wish for, @j_hussein. There are few who have the stamina to match me.
19 Jun via TweetDeck

More characters here.

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  1. What fun:) Thank you for sharing about this fun tour and giveaway today. I was a little disappointed in the trailer, at this series is so rich and I was expecting more, but I love the series all the same and have not read Hunted by Others yet.

  2. great PeekAbook :)


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