Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Release: A Thousand Glass Flowers by Prue Batten

A Thousand Glass Flowers
by Prue Batten
Release date: August 2011

Two people…
one an extraordinary young woman,

the other an embittered immortal man.

Both seeking concealed spells that could annihilate Life.

In a quest through a world where Others lace their way in and out of the lives of mortals, this is a story of legend, love, and clashing ideals.

A story of murder, regret and revenge… a story that journeys across a world too hauntingly like our own.


Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownies

...my cake recipe launched A Thousand Glass Flowers.

One hundred and three thousand words! --Prue Batten

Visit Prue for the recipe and the story behind this quote here.

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