Monday, August 8, 2011

Subterranean Summer edition

Special Summer YA Issue
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You are sure to get a bit of paranormal from these short stories...


Enter the fabulous writers whose stories you’ll find here. Each offering showcases a different facet of the many-faceted jewel that is YA.

You’ll find Malinda Lo’s first short story publication, “The Fox,” a seductive tale featuring characters from her new YA high fantasy novel Huntress, alongside the best high fantasy zombie story I’ve ever read in Sarah Rees Brennan’s “Queen of Atlantis.”

Both these authors–as well as Tiffany Trent (author of the Hallowmere series, and the upcoming The Unnaturalists), and Kelly Link (acclaimed short fiction author, whose YA stories were collected in Pretty Monsters)–will already be familiar to many YA readers, and to plenty of genre readers as well.

If Genevieve Valentine’s story about an unusual teen pregnancy, “Demons, Your Body, and You,” is your introduction to her, I envy you; her first novel Mechanique will be out soon.

Well-known SFF author Tobias Buckell provides a slick science fiction piece with “Mirror, Mirror,” while newer writer Richard Larson’s “The Ghost Party” tests the friendship of two girls against a backdrop of threats shady and eldritch.

Finally, vampires: what YA issue would be complete without them? I promise you that Alaya Dawn Johnson’s hilarious, shockingly irreverent “Their Changing Bodies” is unlike any vampire story you’ve read, and that New York Times’ bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler’s “Younger Women” also opens a different, ahem, vein. -per intro by editor, Gwenda Bond

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And check out their novels...

by Malinda Lo

The Demon's Surrender
Sarah Rees Brennan

Queen of the Masquerade
(Hallowmere, Book 5)
by Tiffany Trent and Amanda Jenkins

Pretty Monsters: Stories
by Kelly Link

A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti
by Genevieve Valentine

The Executioness
by Tobias S. Buckell

by Alaya Dawn Johnson

What I Didn't See: Stories
by Karen Joy Fowler

Various short stories
by Richard Larson

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