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Play Time by R. Scott McCoy

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by Louise Bohmer
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Play Time
by R. Scott McCoy

Maya crawled out of her bed and put on her pink bunny slippers. She went down to the lab, careful not to step on any of the squeaky boards on the stairs. She paused outside the lab door and looked all over, making sure Daddy hadn’t followed up on his threat to install additional security. When she was sure nothing had changed, she opened the first door and stepped inside, making sure it made no noise when it shut. She turned on her flashlight and worked the dial on the combination lock. He hadn’t changed it and she felt it catch. Then she punched the combination into the cipher lock and pushed open the door. The alarm started to beep, and she pushed a chair over to the keypad, climbed up and entered the code to disarm the alarm.

With that out of the way, she ran over to her daddy’s desk and stared at the vials of purple liquid. She would have preferred pink, but daddy hadn’t asked her. They were all marked complete and were in four different groups: Drug, Bomb, LE and CA. She thought LE was Law Enforcement and didn’t want the others. CA sounded interesting. She grabbed two vials and headed for the door. She left the system unarmed. If her plan worked, she could come and go as she pleased. If not, there would be no way to cover up what she’d done.

She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She took a syringe from her Mommy’s insulin kit and filled it with ten cc’s of purple fluid.

Paul tried for the hundredth time to move his hand, but the stay command given by Maya locked his muscles in place. He could move his eyes, and he looked around the kitchen table at his family. His older daughter Sarah had stopped crying, but her eyes were closed. His wife Elizabeth was giving him the look. The “it’s all your fault, and you better figure a way out of this” look.

He’d been working on it since the moment he realized what had happened. The kitchen table was covered with the good china, because Maya had decided that the whole family would have a tea party. Maya had decided that she was Alice and he was supposed to be the Mad Hatter and Elizabeth was the Red Queen. The doorbell had rung and Maya left the room, but not before giving her favorite command. “Stay.”


Excerpt from Old School created for August Thrills-n-Chills event by Louise Bohmer, editor of Old School
© 2011. All rights reserved.

~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Louise Bohmer
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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