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Zombie Rot: Maberry on YA and Zombies

For Zombie Rot, here are a some snippets to check out...

Interview with Jonathan Maberry
by Kristin of My Bookish Ways

MBW: What made you decide to write a YA novel?

JONATHAN MABERRY: I didn’t set out to write one. I was asked to contribute a novella to THE NEW DEAD, a zombie anthology being edited by Christopher Golden for St. Martin’s Griffin. Chris asked the writers to do something a little different –either different in terms of the genre or different in terms of our own writing. I wrote a story about a teenager (which I seldom do) and I set it fourteen years after a zombie apocalypse wiped out most of humanity.

Once the story was finished and turned in, I showed it to my agent, Sara Crowe (of Harvey Klinger, Inc.) She said that it read like the opening to a teen novel. I was surprised, because at the time I had a very outdated view of what teen fiction was like. My agent gave me a list of current YA novels to read. Wow…that was an eye opener. I started with Scott Westerfeld’s THE UGLIES and then Suzanne Collins HUNGER GAMES. Now I devour YA literature. Not just because I’m writing it, but because some of the best fiction going into print right now is on the YA shelves. No doubt about it.

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Young Adult Zombie Novels
by Jonathan Maberry

Zombies are today’s hot monster. They’re tearing up the movie and TV screens, shambling through the pages of bests-selling novels and lunging out of the panels of comics books. Now the living dead have begun haunting the Young Adult shelves of bookstores worldwide.

I joined the ranks of YA zombie authors with the release of ROT & RUIN (Simon & Schuster), which just hit bookstores. To celebrate, I asked two of the hottest authors in this new genre to chat with me about what they write…and why.

My guests are Carrie Ryan, author of the red-hot FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH and its exciting sequels and Alden Bell, author of the gripping THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS.

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Rot & Ruin
by Jonathan Maberry
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