Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011

Meant to have a refreshed header look earlier this month, but didn't get inspired until I came across Ammotu's deviantart site. I had a blast with her Steampunk Dress Up Doll. She has granted permission for me to use her imagery for my blog header creation.

Thanks, Ammotu!

Yup, decided to try my hand at creating my own header this time around. As you can see it includes images of topics I'll cover this year - the usual zombies, jane austen with sprinklings of fantasy, nautical, romance and scifi. Oh yeah, mystery too!

updated 1.12.11: I tweaked it and decided to go with this one instead ;-D


* picnik was used for header creation

* image source jane austen, open book, zombie


  1. GREAT job!

    I miss the pink but this is splendid! :)

  2. Love the new header! It's totally you too!

  3. Love the new header -- v dramatic -- plus, I'm a sucker for paper dolls so thanks for the link! :)

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  5. Header is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love the colors & artwork - WOW!

  6. Love the new header, too. And belatd happy new year, V. :)


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