Friday, January 7, 2011

Seeking Narwal


ahoy thar land lubbers!

i be in need o'shipmates.

we be in search o'the elusive infamous narwal.

ye be hearin' me right.

that rascal, the narwal, has stolen me treasure!

we be searchin the seven seas high and low fer me loot.

pardon me.

lemme introduce meself so's we can be proper like.

they call me the pirate vix.

in some parts known as vicious vix

other parts as violent vix

and these parts as vindictive vix

(me mum calls me victoria, bless her soul)

me dagger and green parrot, goliath, are me trusty mates.

me former crew disbanded after our last stop on the tropical island of jamaica.

the pleasures o'fine rum took ahold. and they were lost to me.

arrrrrg, but who could resist jamaican rum and warm nights.

yo ho, let's not be skirting around the matter.

i need a crew to serve aboard The Rusty Dagger.

i offer you some of the booty in return for your services.

--/=/=-- Seeking Narwal - Book Giveaway Surprise Prize Pack --=\=\=-

Open to all.

1. Visit on the 7th day of each month to participate in your duties.

The Rusty Dagger sails from February to September.

2. If you're interested in being part of the story and have a more interactive part (maybe a guest post) leave a comment below with your email so I can contact you with details.

ALSO, various prizes along the way, enter each giveaway as posted.


Seeking Narwal schedule:
links will appear when posts go up

February 7: First Sea - Mediterranean Sea
- in which we encounter Mermaids
Giveaway: Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson
Giveaway: Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

March 7: Second Sea - Adriatic Sea
- in which the crew have shore leave at an italian coastal town
Giveaway: The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

April 7: Third Sea - Black Sea
- in which maps are obtained and the crew find G O L D
Giveaway: The Stumpwork Robe and The Last Stitch by Prue Batten

May 7: Fourth Sea - Red Sea
- meeting of pirates at Triton's Tavern
- Kraken's Mirror by Maureen Betita
- Kraken: The Curious, Exciting, and Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid by Wendy Williams

June 7: Fifth Sea - Arabian Sea
Giveaway: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters

July 7: Sixth Sea - Persian Gulf
Giveaway: Sea Witch by Helen Hollick

August 7: Seventh Sea - Caspian Sea
Giveaway: Mar the Pirate Vampire by Vianka Van Bokkem

September 7: Iron Seas
Giveaway: Wild & Steamy
stories by:
Meljean Brook
Jill Myles
Carolyn Crane

September 30: Seeking Narwal mini-challenge giveaway ends

October 11: Announcement of Seeking Narwal winner

C R E W:
AimeeKay of How can you help?
Audra of Unabridged Chick
Freda of Freda's Voice
Giada of Dr. Stravagante's Traveling Book Circus
Jo of Fluidity of Time
Kulsuma of sunshine and stardust
Sullivan McPig of Pearls Cast Before a McPig

join up in comments

Jo sent me this narwal, but he's not the one Captain Vix seeks. Gotta keep lookin...


* treasure, loot, booty = books

* note from goliath:


as ye know, dead men tell no tales.

best think thrice before joining me mistress on this journey.

me bein a parrot and in accompaniment of me mistress since birth, i sees aplenty.

her dagger play has gotten her out of many scrapes, but luck seems to also be on her side.

i bid thee warning.

me mistress is after the narwal for more than just the treasure.

somethin' even more precious was stolen.

who knows at what lengths me mistress will travel and do...



* AimeeKay mentions Capn Vix at Books and Things

* image source event badge: spyglass

* a mini-challenge for the Iron Seas Challenge

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