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Gated Grief by Leila Levinson

Gated Grief:
The Daughter of a GI Concentration Camp Liberator
Discovers a Legacy of Trauma
by Leila Levinson

Published: 2011
Genre: Memoir, WWII
Paperback: 266 pages
Rating: 5

Description from PR:
Levinson – award-winning author and founder of the site – wrote Gated Grief on an Ella Cabot Lyman research grant. Part research, part memoir, Gated Grief is a StoryCorps-esque collection of interviews from WWII veterans who liberated Holocaust camps, and the children of those veterans.

When Levinson’s father -- a GI surgeon and camp liberator during WWII -- came home from the war, he had seen far, far too much. But he never discussed his trauma at home, nor was there a term (now called PTSD) for his invisible wounds. Later in life, Levinson herself suffered sever adult onset depression, which made her wonder: Was there a link?

Gated Grief examines the way war veterans’ trauma gets passed down to veterans’ children. This is a book designed to spark dialogue and begin the PTSD healing process for veterans and their families. Next year, in 2011, all of the Iraq War soldiers will be coming home – making Gated Grief and urgent and timely read.

Watch Leila Levinson discuss PTSD and her book here.

Please note: Gated Grief does contain Holocaust images that may be disturbing to sensitive readers. Levinson will be going on a national tour this Spring for trauma centers, Holocaust museums, and bookstores; please check her events page, being updated daily, if you are interested in attending a talk.

Zombie sighting:
Even at the age of six months, David woke up every two hours to nurse--turning me into a sleep-deprived zombie.
- page 15

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): aftermath
A worthwhile read with history and memories that must be shared and not forgotten.

The author's personal collection of pictures enhanced the read and really makes an impact.

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