Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Getaway: postcard to vivi

jiminy crickets!

i gots me sum mail again!


TO: vivi
FR: vvb

Thanks for taking in my misdirected mail while I am away. I shall come around for tea and pick it up next month. I will also bring a delicious box of chocolate covered macadamias from my trip. mmmmm.



won't you be a dear and vivi a virtual postcard?
she's in need of some cheering up from this cold weather

if you do, you can earn an extra point towards a current giveaway of your choice.

to do:
1. in comments send me a link to a vacation related picture - could even be of your home town

2. include a brief message - something you'd put on a postcard - could be fact or fiction

3. tell me which book giveaway you would like the extra point to go towards - see sidebar for selection


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