Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Getaway: postcard to vivi

jiminy crickets!

i gots me sum mail again!


TO: vivi
FR: vvb

Thanks for taking in my misdirected mail while I am away. I shall come around for tea and pick it up next month. I will also bring a delicious box of chocolate covered macadamias from my trip. mmmmm.



won't you be a dear and vivi a virtual postcard?
she's in need of some cheering up from this cold weather

if you do, you can earn an extra point towards a current giveaway of your choice.

to do:
1. in comments send me a link to a vacation related picture - could even be of your home town

2. include a brief message - something you'd put on a postcard - could be fact or fiction

3. tell me which book giveaway you would like the extra point to go towards - see sidebar for selection


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    This is the beach I go to rest in the Summer. It was considered one of the top 20 in the world.
    I try to think of it to help me get over these cold days. Hope you can get something like that for yourself.

    3 - "Rot & Ruin"

  2. 1 -

    2 - If they can handle the cold, so can you! :P
    Hope you get some heart warming out of this picture, vivi!

    3 - White Cat

  3. My extra point will go for the WHITE CAT giveaway.
    (Not my photo, but I have 30 just like it! :) )

    On my only Winter's vacation in recent years, I was in Venice.
    I can guarantee you it is not a good place to be in cold time.
    The water makes it very very cold, bad weather makes the boats go side-to-side and there are floods!
    So, as you see, every great place has it's problems! Hang in there, beauty comes right after a little "suffering"!

    Happy Winter!

  4. Greetings from Ephesus, Turkey! Not as cold as Rome was, but not warm enough for shorts (not even Cairo was that warm), but finally, sunny! Ephesus was one of the largest cities during the Roman Empire and the ruins excavated are in pristine condition -- makes it easy to envision what a typical Roman city looked like. Being back in Rome, I'd give anything to be back in Turkey! xx - audra

    (add to Dust by Elizabeth Bear, if poss -- thank you!)


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