Monday, January 31, 2011

Spiderwork by L.K. Rigel

In Flagrante Apocalypto 2
by L.K. Rigel

Just released: January 2011
Genre: Romance, SciFi
Rating: 3

Description from the amazon:
The sequel to Space Junque.

Her fate was to hold the world together. His destiny was to tear it apart.

As a child, Durga was chosen by the goddess to save the world from sterility and extinction. Now her eighteenth birthday approaches, and Durga must take her place among the chalices, women blessed by the goddess with fertility to ensure more souls for the universe. Durga's mission does not include love ... but Khai, the scion of Luxor, is unlike any man she's ever met.

Char Meadowlark once played a role in the goddess's plans. Now her lover, Jake Ardri, heads an emerging city-state whose enemies covet everything Jake has built. As Jake navigates the uneasy waters of political intrigue, his very existence is threatened. To save him, Char must share him with a chalice ... one trained to take him to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

In flagrante apocalypto: When the veil drops between life and oblivion, only love can save them from the abyss.

Amusing quote:
The chalices must not have relationships with the princes. Nor can they bond with the offspring. If they want affection, they can get a dog.
- location 918

fyi: kindle version is currently available for 2.99 cents

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): fertility
I liked these characters from book one, Space Junque, so it was not hard to like this story. However, I missed the action and adventure feel as this one delves into settling down.

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