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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins

Published: 2009
Genre: Action, Dystopia
Hardback: 400 pages
Rating: 5

Description from the amazon:
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safety and plenty. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

My two-bits:
In-a-word: mockingjay

whaaaa? - my expression upon reading the last sentence of this book

Book 2. You can guess that the games are sooo NOT over for the main character, Katniss.

The action and adventure that was in book 1 carries over into book 2 with ease. One could easily devour this book in one sitting... if allowed.

The quote “Gladiator” meets “Project Runway” from on Suzanne's site tickles me. So true.

The strategies and cleverness of the characters during the games was fascinating to read.

I loved every minute of this dystopia world. Not because it was a happy place. But because of the characters.

And, the love triangle is ever present.

Team Peeta ;-D

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
The Victors - Book 3 (this title is not official... yet)
- release date: August 24, 2010

*part of my Dystopia challenge

*check out my Book Fashion Catching Fire dress

Because this series rocks...

*** Giveaway ***

Do you have what it takes?

Open to all.
Hunger Games book 1 or 2 or 3
by Suzanne Collins
-whichever one you want
-offer ends December 31, 2009

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+5 if allies agree to become partners

Ready to play ???

vvb's Book Hunger Games requirements:

1. In a survival situation fighting against supernatural beings, what would be your weapon of choice?

2. You must battle werewolves

read and comment on this post: Fishmuffins of Doom

3. You must battle ghouls

read and comment on this post: Book Rat

4. You must battle cryptids

read about cryptids
and tell me which cryptid(s) you would be willing to battle from this list

5. Name a blogger (and their url) that you would pick as an ally for vvb's Book Hunger Games.

6. Comment below with your email after you've completed your battles above.

And, answer questions #1, #4 and #5.

Also, tell me which of the three books you would like as a prize.


Those who dare to enter the arena:

1. Zombie Girrrl of Crackin Spines and Takin Names
---with partner Dahlia of Dahlia's Eclectic Mind

2. Amanda of Melkite Greek Catholic Church

3. Laura of Tattooed Books
---with partner Rachel of The Book Wars

4. Raelena of Throuthehaze Reads
---with partner Briana of The Book Pixie

5. pepsivanilla
---with partner Tina of Fantastic Book Review

6. Yan of Books By Their Cover
---with partner Sharon of Sharon Loves Books and Cats

7. Triskaideka

8. Charlotte of The Book on the Hill
---with partner Brizmus of Brizmus Blogs Books

9. ninefly of story on a page
---with partner wings to dust of GAL Novelty

10. Megan of BookMac
--with partner Yan of Books by their Cover

11. Rachel of The Book Wars
---with partner Taschima of Bloody Bookaholic

12. Aik of Friends and Family
---with partner Cherry of Cherry Mischievous

13. Elie of Ellz Readz
---with partner Misty of Book Rat

14. Misty of Book Rat
---with partner Elie of Ellz Readz

15. Kristen of Bookworming in the 21st Century
---with partner Misty of Book Rat

16. Brizmus of Brizmus Blogs Books
---with partner Charlotte of The Book on the Hill


Career tributes (groups formed with 3+ players):
+5 each for their formation - uber cool, eh?

Career pack 1:

Career pack 2:

Career pack 3:


Power Partners:
These players increased their chances by choosing each other as partners.



*first learned about cryptids at Travails of a Budding Author


Contest has ended - winner is here



  1. 1. My weapon of choice would be a blessed, silver machete with a teak, spiked handle. Machetes are easy to wield, excellent for lopping off limbs, the silver would be ideal for werewolfen (and heads), and the wood spike would be good for (what else) vampires. And, of course, having it blessed by a priest and emblazoned with holy images and such would just be for good measure. :)
    2. I battled werewolves.
    3. I schooled the ghouls.
    4. I would battle the Chupacabra. It wouldn't be all that hard either; I'd set a trap and use goats as bait. Foolproof.
    5. My ally would be Dahlia because she has a lot of experience as a tribute. She runs an awesome HG RPG on Shelfari that stays totally true to the real HG. She's also a mad genuis of strategy and evil, and that's something you want in an ally (you know, so long as she stays on your side).
    6. ZombieGirrrl21@aol
    I would love to win The Victors (thanks for sharing the title, I had no idea what it was)!!! I love, love, loved the first two! Thanks for the awesome contest, V! =D

  2. Ha! You guys crack me up. Velvet, I love how your mind works. ^_^

  3. 1. I would probably choose a bow and arrow. Katniss' bow came in pretty handy.
    2. I battled werewolves.
    3. I battled ghouls.
    4. I would battle the alien big cat, just because I like the name.
    5. I would choose Bingo from Bookin' With Bingo ( Her blog is one of my favorites.
    7. I would love to win Catching Fire. I have stopped buying books because I have way too many I need to read, but I made an exception for Hunger Games and I'm glad I did.
    +1 I tweeted this contest @amandawk

  4. 1. I would chose the ability of mind control. If we are talking an actual weapon, I would have to go with throwing knives. They have range and can be used in close combat.
    2. I battled the werewolves.
    3. I battled the ghouls.
    4. I think I would prefer to fight a satyr (faun). It’s human enough to be intelligent and be worth a fight. I’m not a very strong swimmer so lake monsters are out. Many of the “wild animals” I would be willing to fight as well.
    5. I would choose Rachel from Book Wars as my ally. She is creative, smart, crafty, and most of all, she is amazing!
    7. I most definitely want the 3rd book!

    P.S. I did a post on my blog and that feeds into my Facebook. (+4)

  5. 1. I would wield a a long samurai sword. It would give me decent range and good control.

    2. I battled werewolves

    3. I battled ghouls

    4. I would fight the inflatable would be a pretty hilarious fight.

    5. I would choose Briana from The Book Pixie ( as my ally

    6. throuthehaze at gmail dot com

    7. I would love The Victors

  6. 1. I have pretty good aim with a bow and arrow, but if they're supernatural, then I would want something like the gigantic crossbow Van Helsing had (in the movie at least).

    2. I battled werewolves.

    3. I battled ghouls.

    4. I think I could take on the Coelacanth and probably win.

    5. I would choose Tina from Fantastic Book Review ( as an ally because she has read SO MANY paranormal books.

    6. pepsivanilla14(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I would like The Hunger Games because I haven't read it yet (I know, I know, the shame!)

  7. I, Tina, agree to be pepsivanilla's ally. We would definitely crush our competition!

    I'd pick the 3rd book in this series.


  8. I would like a gun that is loaded with silver bullets. Mwhahahaha!

    2. Pwned the werewolves. Suckas don't have a thing on me
    3. Ghouls were a bit tougher but I defeated them, huzzah!
    4. I want to battle a unicorn because they are nice and fluffy creatures that when captured, make excellent modes of transportation lol
    5. I would partner with Sharonbecause her zombie kittehs are awesome fighters.
    6. I would love the 3rd book in the series :) yan.pocky(at)

  9. 1. I would bring a magic wand because there is almost nothing you can't do with that. If it breaks or ceases to work because of lack of magic in the areana I would sharpen it to use it as a steak.
    2. I battled werewolves.
    3. I battled ghouls.
    4. I would deffinitly prefer to battle a hairy fish becuase I don't imagine it would be very difficult especially since its hairy...lulz.
    5. I would choose Alea from Pop Culture Junkie ( and use her amazing abilities to make felties. I would incline her to make a million felties and then posses them into little demons with my magic wand. Then I would send them out to kill the opponents.
    6. My email: had_triskaideka @ hotmail . com

    I choose book 3

  10. I agree to be Yan's ally. I shall come back late to answer there awesome questions. I would like book three.

  11. 1. My weapon would be my vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. No one can resist them. Even a mean and crazy hyena would melt.

    2. I battled werewolves. Left one tooth or two behind.

    3. I battled ghouls and discovered my own ghoul identity.

    4. I would battle the Abominable Snowman. First because I would really like to see a yeti with my own eyes, but also because it's Christmas time, right ?

    5. I would pick Audrey at Brizmus Blogs Books as an ally, because she's a vegan and would stop me from killing the beast. Just incapacitating the Abominable Snowman would do. Plus, Audrey rocks !


    I would love The Hunger Games, since I haven't read the series yet... Shame on me !

    That was a fun Velvet ! :)

  12. this sounds incredibly fun =D

    1. magical sword/pointy thing, cuz they seem to be the solution to destroying anything 8D
    2. I've battled the werewolves.
    3. I've battled the ghouls.
    4. I would love to battle the inflatable hedgehog because...they sound rather adroable XD;
    5. I would pick wingstodust at GAL Novelty ( for my partner
    6. email: ninefly(at)

    +1 tweeted

    I would like book 1 please! thanks!

  13. I, Audrey, aka brizmus, agree to be Charlotte's ally. And it's true, Charlotte and I will incapacitate the Abominable snowman without killing him. . . with cupcakes, at that! How exciting!
    I would want the third book in the series if we manage to crush our opponents!


    Can I come back and be a real participant? And can I pick Charlotte as my ally? :-)

  14. I, Briana, agree to be Raelena's ally.

    If we win I would like The Victors.


  15. the game is open to all. even partners can partake in the battle.

  16. I, wingstodust, agree to be ninefly's ally.

    =D I'd like book 3, the Victors. >D

  17. +3
    1.) my weapon of choice would be a magical amulet that protects me but then turns into a deadly sword when I need it to.
    2.) I battled werewolves
    3.) I battled ghouls
    4.) I would battle the inflatable hedgehog, I mean i could just use my sword to pop it!
    5.)I would pick Yan from Books by Their Covers, I mean have you seen her get angry??? (

    I would LOVE Book 3, The Victors

  18. I, Rachel, agree to be Laura's ally. Because she is awesome!!!!!

    1. I think my weapon of choice would be some kind of silver maybe silver bullets so all vamps and were’s would stay away lol!

    2. I battled werewolves

    3. I battled ghouls

    4. I would Battle a vampire because they have weaknesses and if I lose maybe they will change me lol!

    5. My Ali would be Taschima from bloody bookaholic because she is an amazing blogger and friend!!!!

    6. ras1513 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    7. I would love book 3 ((big smile))

    +1 Tweeted

    This is an awesome contest thanks so much!!!!

  19. I forgot to put my twitter link for tweeting here it is sorry:

  20. I, Yan, accept to be BookMac's partner. I am ferocious. Rawr. I've already entered (above) :)

  21. I, Taschima, agree to be Rachel's ally. I have no mercy!!!! I will kill with a stare -.- (evil stare).

    Am, I would like The Victors!!! xD

  22. 1. I think it'll be a crossbow, a cross and some silver bullets.

    2. I battled werewolves.

    3. I battled ghouls.

    4. I would battle vampires because they suck blood from their victims!

    5. I would pick Cherry from Cherry Mischievous as my partner.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  23. How did I miss this, I love games!!
    1. I want some type of blaster (one that makes cool sound effects and lights up)
    2. I battled werewolves
    3. I battled ghouls
    4. I would battle the Inflatable Hedgehog because, well, it's inflatable and I'm not really that tough. My bark in tougher than my bite (or however that goes)
    5. Ooh, Ooh, I pick Misty from Book Rat. I like her, she's tough, right? (lol)

  24. The following is cut-and-pasted from email recieved:

    I, Cherry, agree to be Aik's ally.

    Or something similar to confirm partnership.

    Also, let me know which of the Hunger Games book you would like if you two are the winning pair.

    Participation in this contest is optional. So, no pressure. ;-D

    I haven't read the Hunger Games series so the first two books would be a good place to start :)

    And just to cover all bases... I am an old follower of this blog. Re-posted your contest at:

    And a shout out "thank you" to Aik for choosing me as partner!!

    mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  25. 1. I would want something subtle, that people wouldn't see coming. Maybe something that is activated by human skin, so I could place it where they would come across it, and BOOM, you've been poisoned. Of course, I would have to be immune or know an antidote. Random poison traps all over the place wouldn't be too good for MY health...
    Or maybe I could train my rats, Willard-style.

    2. Read my dose of Fishmuffins. I've been wanting to watch that.

    3. I wrote the thing,so...

    4. I would battle the Bunyip. a) It has a fun name, and b)anything that has a "dog-like face, dark fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, and walrus-like tusks or horns or a duck like bill" is worth taking on, it only to get a look at.

    5. I, Misty, agree to be Elie's ally. Beware, everyone else. We're coming for you.

    ps -- The Victors!!! (I already own the other two!)

  26. I, Dahlia, agree to be Zombie Girrrl's ally in your Hunger Games (at least until we're the only tributes left }:D).

    eclecticdahlia [at] aol [dot] com

  27. 1. In a survival situation fighting against supernatural beings, what would be your weapon of choice?

    Bow and arrow - the farther away I can pick them off, the better.

    2. You must battle werewolves


    3. You must battle ghouls


    4. You must battle cryptids

    I'd say a Plesiosaurus

    5. Name a blogger (and their url) Definitely Misty from The Book Rat... looks like she's got a buddy, will she want one more on her team?

    6. Comment below with your email after you've completed your battles above.

    dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

    The third book is my choice.

  28. Okay, so I am back to double help Charlotte in our gruesome battle!
    1)See our battle of the cryptid for my weapon of choice.
    2)I battled werewolves and discovered that I have a soft spot for them.
    3)I battled ghouls and realized that they are actually way cooler than zombies.
    4)I battled cryptids even though I didn't previously know what they were. Charlotte and I first battled and subdued the abominable snowman with Charlotte's wicked cupcakes.
    Now, we will take on the wild pongo, and once again with food. 1)He will be taken down by hufu, which is human flesh flavored tofu.
    As mentioned, I have picked Charlotte from The Book on the Hill as my ally. I learned the first time around this she is a vicious fighting machine, and it will be good to have her reminding me that, just because what we are fighting against is adorable does not mean that we should be lenient.
    6) zedster.tbb(at)gmail(DOT)com
    7)I would want the third book in the series.

  29. I, Misty, accept Kristen (Bookworming...) as an ally, and as long as Elie accepts, I believe that makes us CAREER TRIBUTES!!!
    (I told you all you were going down.)



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