Monday, December 21, 2009

Steampunk Weekly - 12

Steampunk: Histórias de Um Passado Extraordinário
edited by Gianpaolo Celli
first anthology of Brazilian steampunk
contains 9 stories from Brazilian writers

Beyond Victoriana blog interview with Bruno Accioly on Brazilian steampunk
Hi Bruno, and welcome to Beyond Victoriana! So, to start off, can you speak a little about the history of how interest in steampunk developed in Brazil?

I guess interest in SteamPunk came long before the term originated in the late 80s, when people read Jules Verne and HG Wells. The sense of wonder present on their books and on the movies and TV adaptations of their work imprinted many of us as it did people in other countries.

When on 21st century we found out people were mimicking Victorian sci-fi works, the interest was already embedded into us and it was easy to feel compelled to like it.

Particularly, Conselho SteamPunk was born on 2007 after a conversation between myself and Raul Cândido, both of us had blogs on SteamPunk. I was in Rio de Janeiro and he was in São Paulo and the organization was created over a series of telephone and G-talk conversations
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First review from OF Blog of the Fallen
In many senses, steampunk is the one of the first truly "international" subgenres of speculative fiction, as its appeal quickly spread from one country to the next, without a single country or language region dominating the literary landscape. In the past twenty years or so, ever since K.W. Jeter's use of the term "steampunk" in a 1987 letter to Locus to describe this nascent movement, steampunk literary and fashion circles have sprung up in cities all across the globe. It truly is an international movement, one that adapts to fit the needs of each country's literary scenes.

I'm so looking forward to the English translation of this book.
Brazilian Steampunk online short story in English:
Underground Amazon by Romeu Martins
translated by Ludimila Hashimoto
-read up on John Steam

Another Steampunk first:

Captain Serenus and Mr. Copper in action at the

-read more about it and see pics at Clockworker

Something for xmas:

An adventure by Lord Likely
-an online story you can read

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