Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens
by Jonathan Pinnock

Description from Mrs Darcy vs Aliens site:
Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens is a slightly demented sequel to Pride and Prejudice, although it has been described more accurately as "not so much Pride and Prejudice's sequel as its bastard offspring following a drunken one-night stand with the X-Files."

Elizabeth Darcy stirred in her sleep and felt the soft breeze on the back of her neck. She was awake in an instant. The curtains were wafting backwards and forwards in an elegant moonlit dance. How long had the window been open? She sat up in bed, her heart beating a furious tattoo, and her eyes scanned the gloomy room to see if there was anything out of place. Once she had established that there appeared to be no intruder compromising the security of her chamber, her breathing began to settle down to a more regular pace, and she swung her legs out of bed. Lighting a candle, she stood up, and it was at that point that she noticed the letter.
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gotta love the mashups!

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