Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dragon's Loyalty award

Dragon's Loyalty award

Thanks to Zombie Girrrl of Crackin Spines and Takin Names
Thanks to Colette of A Buckeye Girl Reads

If you have a blog, post it on your blog with a link back to the site who gave it to you.

Leave them a comment on their site, email, etc. to let them know.

If you don’t have a blog but have a website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other type account, post there with a link back.

Pass this on to 3-10 loyal fans.

Elnice of Ellz Reads

Kals of At Pemberley

Ladybug of Escape in a Book

Mary of Mary Anne DeBorde Writes

Polish Outlander

*this is the last of the awards for my December Awards.

Thanks again to the lovelies who sent them my way!


  1. Congratulations on all the awesome awards you've received!!! You deserve it!

  2. Congratulations on the! You sure deserve it =D

    Thank you so much for passing it on to me!

  3. What a pretty award...Thank you my dear! This is much deserved for you. Congrats!

  4. Luckily came to your place.
    Hope to connect with all EBooks Authors helping each others.

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