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True Blood season one - eps 1-6

True Blood (2008)
The Complete First Season

Based on book: Dead Until Dark
by Charlaine Harris
Creator: Alan Ball
DVD Released: 2009 - 5 discs - 12 episodes
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Vampires
Official site: True Blood
Rating: 5

Tagline from imdb: Thou Shall Not Crave Thy Neighbour

Inspiration: Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge hosted by Beth Fish Reads

Awards: Won a Golden Globe, another 3 wins and 8 nominations (details here)

Description from Borders:
Vampires have come out of the coffin and are now living among us. Surviving on synthetic blood, they no longer need human blood to survive. Or so it seems... The small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana boasts a wide array of colorful locals. Meet Sookie Stackhouse (Academy Award winner Anna Paquin), a sweet and innocent waitress who hides her powerful ability to read minds; Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire who's just moved back to town; Sookie's brother Jason, a ladies' man who can't seem to stay out of trouble; tough-as-nails Tara, Sookie's loyal best friend; Sam, the owner of Merlotte's who tries to keep his feelings for Sookie to himself; Lafayette, a man about town who's always cooking up something illicit and off the menu and a quirky cast of characters who each hide their dark secrets in the shadows of night in the series that's like no other.

My thoughts:
In-a-word(s): "What are you?" -- Bill Compton

First of all, beware! This show does not hold back in the graphic violence, sex, language and bloooood.

I decided to give my review of the first 6 episodes because it is taking me awhile to get through the DVDs.

I like the intro song. Sounds very Elvis-y. However, the disturbing images of underground America creeps me out.

I wanna do bad things with youuuuuu

This show follows Charlaine's first book, Dead Until Dark, pretty well. The cast and setting are perfect. You get to see more of what is going on with the other characters. There are some racy Jason scenes.

The regional accents are great to hear. My tendency is to pronounce Sookie and Sue-key. But on the show I hear a lot of Suh-kay.

Favorite character portrayal (besides Sookie and Bill):
Rene Lenier played by Michael Raymond-James
He is Arlene's (Sookie's friend) beau and is Jason's friend. I love his Louisiana French accent.

Things to note:

Episode 1: The mystery begins with a whodunit murder. This series has a great ensemble cast. Unlike the book, you get to see the lives of each character. It is not too Sookie-oriented.

Episode 2: Ch-ch-ch-changes going on with Sookie.

Episode 3: Sookie is mine -says Bill
Some things were added to the show that were not in the book per usual. I wasn't too keen on the Sam and Tara relations in this episode.

Episode 4: V juice and Jason dilemma is amusing and gross.

Episode 5: I liked this one because we find out how Bill became a vampire.

Episode 6: Poor Gran. I started to warm up to Tara and Sam's relation.

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Off-topic: Stephen Moyer who plays the vampire Bill Compton would make a good Mr. Darcy for a Pride and Prejudice movie. At first glance, I mistook him for Elliot Cowan who played Mr. Darcy in Lost in Austen. He's got that same smoldering look. sizzzle.

If you haven't heard it already, Tru Blood is being manufactured for human consumption.

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