Monday, August 24, 2009

Jane Austen Mix Match Couple - 4

Bachelor(ette) Number Four:
Lady Catherine De Bourgh (P&P)

Eligible matches:
Henry Woodhouse (Em.)
Sir Walter Elliot (Pers.)
Henry Crawford (MP)

My ideal couple:
4th and final couple for the mini-challenge
and surprise match-up - I picked a wildcard instead of Nicole's eligibles

Catherine & Pug (inspired by Mansfield Park)

While I'm tickled with the idea of Catherine and boy toy Henry hooking up and since she has already been married once before, she really just needs a dog.

While in the vicinity of Mansfield Park, Lady De Bourgh is asked to afternoon tea with Lady Bertram. As the scones and tea are served in the sitting room, Lady De Bourgh spies Lady Bertram's pug underfoot. The conversation immediately turns to pugs and the proper maintenance and breeding of the creature. Lady De Bourgh leaves Mansfield Park in a cheerful mood with a recommendation of where she can acquire a puglet of her own.

This is part of the:
Jane Austen Mix-and-Matching Mini-Challengehosted by Nicole at Books and Bards(details here)

Nicole listed four bachelors/bachelorettes who could use a little help managing their own affairs. For each of them, she listed three eligible matches.

The task at hand is to decide who each of them should marry, and to explain why. If you’d like to go a step further, you can detail how the two might manage to hook up, and/or you can predict their future together.

Post inspired by:Everything Austen Challenge hosted by Stephanie's Written Word
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