Friday, August 28, 2009

Zombie Week Countdown ends

Zombie appreciation week countdown...

1 more day until September Zombies week begins!

Comment below and you can be eligible to win a copy of:

Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your...Brains by Ryan Mecum
-my review

+3 create a zombie haiku

+2 spread the word and mention this on your blog

+2 twitter about this

+1 comment on something zombie related
i.e. your favorite zombie movie or book or site, etc.

Offer ends: September 5, 2009

Contest has ended - winner is here
*image source: kotsu-direngrey


  1. True Love (zombie style)
    He shambles slowly
    toward the newest food source.
    She screams and she dies.

    I just wanted to chance to write another haiku... :-)

  2. As in Life
    In death, as in life,
    His feelings towards me were warm
    and his lips were cool


  3. Looks like a fun book, my daughter would love it!

  4. Okay, finally wrote my haiku. Actually, I love writing haiku, so I got carried away and wrote 4. They were written as separates, but I thought about it and arranged them in a semblance of an order that made sense. Here goes:

    I have tried in vain;
    This craving I can't refuse.
    Now I want your brains

    Halting and jerking,
    I take my place by your side.
    Your smooth flesh beckons.

    The contrast excites
    I moan as your red, red life
    drips on my gray flesh.

    Your scent fills the air
    Bittersweet like rust and salt;
    Rings my dinner bell.

    Fun! Also, Lexie, I love yours!

    ~Misty (

  5. Oh, I am mentioning this in my blog, Book Rat, too.

  6. I wrote two when I was in elementary many eons ago... so I'm a bit rusty. Here goes:

    Zombies awake!
    Let us go up, for fresh brains
    and earth await!

    Am I a zombie?
    See my soul within! Awake!
    And be a zombie no more.

    That was tough! Thanks for getting me to stretch my brain a bit

    hmsgofita at hotmail dot com

  7. I just tweeted this: GofitaHere's a Zombie Haiku contest. It ends tomorrow:

  8. for Paradox:

    - This sounds hilarious!
    +3 create a zombie haiku

    Slowly shambling
    Zombie horde in the moonlight
    Seeking human brains

    +1 comment on something zombie related - I'm on Team Zombie! Down with unicorns!


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