Sunday, August 2, 2009

Curious George Goes Camping by H.A. Rey

I haven't read this Curious George, but will have to now that I've discovered it.  So cute.

I'm off this weekend for a bit of camping in Yosemite. Yes, roughing it. Not really my thing, but that is what the hubby and daughter wanted to do this Summer.

I'm giving it a go. I'll probably like being in the outdoors and sleeping under the stars. I just hope I don't encounter too many biting bugs.

Looking forward to dining on s'mores.

I'll be taking a couple books along in hopes of having some good reading time.

Zombie Lover by Piers Anthony

What Would Jane Austen Do? by Laurie Brown

I'll be back on Wednesday.

*source of cartoon


  1. HA! Love that cartoon. And good luck with the camping! (bug spray = necessary)

  2. Ha Ha! Loved the cartoon too! made my day (I know so sad)!

  3. I had to do a double-take when I saw that Piers Anthony cover. I even had to look it up on Amazon to make sure it was real! Have fun camping!

  4. Hi, I've given you a blog award here:


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