Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dance of the Dead (2008) movie

Dance of the Dead (2008)

Director: Gregg Bishop
Written by: Joe Ballarini

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Zombies
Rating: 4

Inspiration: September Zombies week - check out this week's events

It is prom night in middle America. Tuxes have been rented and dresses have been bought. But when the dead unexpectedly rise from their graves to eat the living, it's up to the geeks, the nerds, the outcast and the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance to save the town from the undead. Unlikely heroes will rise to the challenge as they are forced to put aside their differences and band together to fight for their lives. Armed with bats, sledgehammers, garden tools and guitars, this rag-tag group of high-school teens are in for a prom night they will never forget.

Amusing quote:

Coach Keel: Little lady, you'll get the machete.

Gwen: But I don't know how to shoot a machete.

Zombie speed:

The speed of a zombie in this movie is determined by the amount of time he or she has been deceased. The zombies that were buried recently can launch out of graves and run like cheetahs. The ones that were buried long ago define your stereotypical zombie that drags his heels as the heroes get away.

Zombification: Unknown
Apparently it is something that happens often because there is a scene where the caretaker of a cemetary knows how to deal with zombies poking out of their graves. However, when too many of them are unearthed they are a bit much for him to handle.

Zombie mode: feral - pretty fast, so run

My thoughts
In-a-word: teamwork

I have chosen mostly teen zombie movies to review for September Zombies week. This genre is usually somewhat camp-y with comedy which is just my speed -- usually not too scary.

This first one for review is a current one that includes a classic car make-out scene interrupted by zombies. Now, why would anyone want to make out in a cemetary is beyong me.

I liked the fact that the girls in this movie were just as tough as the boys in slaying the zombies.

Zombie distraction: Something new that I haven't seen used in any of the zombie movies is music. There is a great scene where a high school rock band manages to save themselves from a zombie attack by turning up their amps and rock out. As they say music soothes the savage beasts.

Ewww moment: kissing scene with some unusual tongue action

Un-zombie moment: A beheaded zombie carries his head to the prom. This does not jive with me because beheading a zombie is supposed to be one of the main ways to "kill" a zombie.

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