Saturday, August 29, 2009

September Zombies Week Welcome

Hi Zombie Lovers,

I'm E. Van Lowe and I'd like to welcome you to Zombie Week. 

One solid week devoted to zombiness... Yes, that's a word.  There will be book reviews, giveaways, contests and lot's of cool zombie related activity.  Oh, yes, and my first YA novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, has just come out.  I will be talking about it later in the week.  I'm so excited I could suck somebody's brains right now--I know, gross.  But you get my point.   I am extremely excited about my new book and about Zombie Week.  So let the fun and games begin.  You'll be hearing from me again tomorrow.  Buahahahaaa!  That's my sinister laugh.  I know, zombies don't laugh.  At least not any that I have encountered.  Well guess what?  This week, zombies can laugh.  How cool is that?
Please check back tomorrow where I will be discussing my favorite recent zombie movie discovery -- Flight of The Living Dead.  You won't want to miss it.
All for now,

E with his street team at the San Diego Comic Con 2009.

The street team zombified.

*guest post from E. Van Lowe 

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