Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mansfield Park Crossword

Ah yes, a Sunday morning crossword puzzle to start off the day. I'm usually not a crossword puzzler. I'm more of a word searcher. But I came across this at The Jane Austen Society of Australia Inc. (JASA). The image laid behind the puzzle just grabbed me. Puzzles are available for all six Jane Austen books.

So, I thought I'd work on this puzzle to help along with reading Mansfield Park. It has taken me about a month to get through half of the novel. I keep getting side-tracked with other books. The heroine of the novel is not much of one so far. No wonder Mansfield Park has not been towards the top of the favorite Austen novels. Poor Fanny.

Post inspired by: Everything Austen Challenge hosted by Stephanie's Written Word

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