Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jane Austen Mix Match Couple - 3

Bachelor Number Three:
Colonel Brandon (S&S)

Eligible matches:
Georgiana Darcy (P&P)
Julia Bertram (MP)
Jane Fairfax (Em.)

My ideal couple:
Colonel Brandon & Georgiana (P&P 1995)

This sweet couple were just meant to be.

Georgiana is so sweet and innocent that she fits the bill in complimenting Colonel Brandon's older and wiser persona.

On a night with much thunder and lightening a carriage comes to a jarring halt. After an hour of rain, lots of rain, Georgiana is cold and scared inside the carriage that is stuck in the mud. Colonel Brandon on horseback comes upon the carriage in distress and offers his help. Of course, he is sopping wet from the downpour but looks as handsome and dashing as ever. Georgiana shyly pokes her head out of the carriage window and asks for assistance. She needs to get to Pemberley as soon as possible. Colonel Brandon, ever the gentleman, lifts Georgiana out of the carriage and walks over the mud and puddles with her in his arms to his horse. Together they ride to Pemberley. Thus, begins the romance.

Side note: Georgiana does provide a little more than sweetness to Colonel Brandon. As portrayed in Lost in Austen, she's got a bit of spice in her as well ;-D

This is part of the:
Jane Austen Mix-and-Matching Mini-Challengehosted by Nicole at Books and Bards(details here)

Nicole listed four bachelors/bachelorettes who could use a little help managing their own affairs. For each of them, she listed three eligible matches.The task at hand is to decide who each of them should marry, and to explain why. If you’d like to go a step further, you can detail how the two might manage to hook up, and/or you can predict their future together.

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