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Return from the Dead by Enid Wilson

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by Enid Wilson
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“Anne, what are you doing?” George Darcy said to his wife.

“I’m looking at the crystal ball.”

“You are checking up on Fitzwilliam again. You know that’s not allowed except at the full moon.”

“But he's grown up into such a lonely, serious man – nothing like the cheerful, happy young boy he used to be.”

“I know. We both died too soon. Georgiana and the company are such a burden on him.”

“And all the women! They are only after his money. None of them are interested in his heart. Luckily, Fitzwilliam is smart and has refused to be tempted by them. It's a good thing that he has Richard and Charles as his friends. I don’t want him to be lonely. He is not young anymore, and he should be starting a family.”

“Wow, that ‘matchmaking mama’ mentality doesn’t die for women, even when they are living in heaven. Let him be. He has to choose his own destiny.”

“But he loves this Elizabeth. We should cross over to help him.”

“Cross over? You mean in a dream?”

“No, I hate dreams.”

“Then how do you want to cross over?”

“I loved Mission Impossible – not Tom Cruise though. I mean the old TV series. Let’s do a recording like this: ‘These are instructions from your late mother and father. Carry them out or risk punishment from the other world. This recording will be destroyed in ten seconds’. I think I’ll have Bingley gave the Mission Impossible score to Georgiana to play at a costume party and the words will only be heard by Fitzwilliam.”

“You want to scare the hell out of our boy? What if you cause him a heart attack?”

“Posh! He is not some sissy to be frightened by hearing the voices of his parents. I will make it fun. Maybe I'll send him a code to decipher. He and Richard used to mess about with secret codes.”

“You want to send him straight to this Elizabeth?”

“That would be too easy. Let’s just send him out to socialise a bit. Lately, his life revolves solely around Pemberley and Georgiana.”

“Then send him to Richard. He knows how to party.”

“Richard is fine, but he likes to gossip. Bingley is better. He is a cheerful chap and won’t tease our boy too much.”

“So your grand plan is to get Fitzwilliam out of Pemberley, and to let Bingley and him party together? How do you think he will end up with this Elizabeth?”

“As you said, he needs to choose his own destiny. What happens after that is up to him.”


Guest post, Return from the Dead, created for Pemberley Ball event by Enid Wilson, author of Mr Darcy Vibrates...
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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Enid Wilson
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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What do you think will happen in the garden?


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