Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest: Lady Chatterly

Lady Chatterly
Lady Chatterly arrived extra early. After expressing her adoration of the outdoors and of various fauna and flora, Mr Darcy gave her a private tour of the garden before the Ball.

What part of the Pemberley estate would you like a tour of?

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Did you know...

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* guest post is based on Pemberley Ball RSVPs

* image source gown for Lady Chatterly aka Freda

* image source Mr Darcy

~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~


  1. I won't say what happened in the garden, though I would love to stroll with Mr. Darcy once again....

  2. I bet he tried to get into your..... good graces

  3. I heard about the events that occurred in the garden, I'm not one to repeat gossip, so I'll only say this once.....

    Lady Victoria

    aka donna

  4. As I think the nice gentleman is now quite hot and bothered by a tour of the gardens with Lady Chatterly, I think I would choose for a stroll through the gallery or the library.

  5. The now-slightly tipsy Duchess de Borde raises an eyebrow at that Chatterly woman. Two can play THIS game, and won't that be fun?! After his excertions in the garden, perhaps the darling Mr. Darcy is in dire need of a drink to *ahem* quench his thirst?? ;D

    "A rousing round of 'Find the Flask' is in order," giggles the Duchess as she weaves a cautious yet dignified path towards her host.

  6. I'm not going to be so forward as to request a stroll in the garden, but I would love to see the Pemberley library.
    Lady Margaret (blushing)

  7. Lady Blodeuedd looks at Lady Chatterley's dress. I must have the dressmakers name.

    Then she whispers to the person next to her about how Mr Darcy showed the lady around the garden, and it was for quite some time. Scandal my pretties

  8. Oh most definitely the library - course ...I wonder how many books I could slip into my petticoats


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