Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guest: Lady Cee

Lady Cee
Who is that behind the fern with Mr Wickham?

Is it?

Could it be?

Why, that is Lady Cee?

Well, such scandal. I say. I knew that she was set to meet Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. But what a turn!

Oh dear, now we see Lady Cee walking away red-faced from Mr Wickham in a most abrupt manner.

What do you think transpired between Lady Cee and Mr Wickham?

And, perhaps Lady Cee will come forth to tell us a bit about herself?

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Did you know...

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* guest post is based on Pemberley Ball RSVPs

* image source gown for Lady Cee aka Carolyn

* image source: Mr Wickham Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley from Lost in Austen

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  1. The quivering nostrils of the eccentric Duchess were suddenly assaulted by a most vile odor! *Oddsfish*!! It appeared the shrimp earmarked for Jezebel*, moistly concealed in the depths of the Duchess' pocket, had not fared as well as hoped.

    Just as the Duchess was about to dispose of the offending shrimp in the leaves of a rather magnificent fern, she happened to catch a shocking exchange between that rascal Wickham and the gentle Lady Cee.

    "A pox on all men", muttered Lady Cee as she stormed away, her skirts swishing angrily in her wake, with two high spots of color staining her ivory cheeks.

    The Duchess was above the commonality of petty gossip, yet she could not restrain a horrified glance at the enticing bowl of ripe, red cherries residing so innocently on the sideboard. Did Wickham actually expect Lady Cee to ... ??? No, surely even HE would not stoop to such low amusements ;O

  2. Can it be? Was she-

    My fan, I require my fan for my blushes. Surely even Lady Cee has heard of what a cad that man is. Wickham would not stop with a few stolen kisses.

  3. I fear that Lady Cee may have been shamed by rejection. What sum has been whispered about as her dowry? That would surely impart understanding to us all.

  4. Poor Lady Cee, surely she knows not to trust Wickham. There is something about that man that reminds me of my Papa.
    Lady Margaret


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