Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guest: Lady Elizzy

Lady Elizzy
Lady Elizzy is new in town. She met Anne DeBourgh in a season in Bath, where Ms De Bourgh took the waters :)...

So when Lady Catherine met her in the last day of Lady Elizzy's holidays, she invited her to Rosings, where she met Mr Darcy and Georgiana. Georgiana decided to invite her cousins, Fitwilliam and Anne to the party, and of course her friend.

My dears, have you ever visited Bath?

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Did you know...

Henry Tilney's Diary
by Amanda Grange
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A charming retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey--a tale of gothic misunderstandings through Henry Tilney's eyes...

At the age of four and twenty, Henry is content with his life as a clergyman, leaving his older brother Frederick to inherit Northanger Abbey. But General Tilney is determined to increase the family's means by having all three of his children marry wealthy partners.

During a trip to Bath, Henry meets the delightful Miss Catherine Morland and believes he may have found the woman he's been looking for, although she has no great fortune. When the General takes an unusual liking to Catherine and invites her to visit the Abbey, Henry is thrilled. But just as in the Gothic novels Henry loves, not everything is as it seems...



* guest post is based on Pemberley Ball RSVPs

* image source gown for Lady Elizzy aka SalonJaneAusten

* image source Anne De Bourgh

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  1. The waters of Bath are well reknowned for their restorative qualities. That said, the Duchess was quite taken with Lady Elizzy's pooch-in-arms. She would so enjoy one of her own to coddle and pamper, yet she was equally certain her kitten Jezebel would look unfavorably upon a furry interloper.

  2. I have had no occasion to visit Bath as I am in the best of health since I have come visiting England.

    Welcome Lady Elizzy and your little friend too.

  3. Why would I not visit Bath every year? It is known that I am accustomed to the finest of holidays. The question is merely: whom shall I invite for this turn?

  4. It is wonderful that Miss Debourgh has a good friend, such as you Lady Elizzy. I know that she must get lonely at Rosings, at times.
    Lady Margaret

  5. Why I visit Bath daily! I have a magic door in my powder room that whisks me away there...


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